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Unbelievable!! When I was buying from this shop they sounded nice and all professional. And made promises that even made me recommend them to others who has even bought things from them already, i regret recommending them now! Just to find out that they just wanted my money and nothing else, They told me the'll buy back the washing machine if I didn't need it again especially if I moved into a house that had washing machine but to my greatest surprise after 6months of using the machine I am moving to a house with built-in washing machine then I called them back to discuss it a and they denied it completely!! **Stay away*** they are also on Gumtree. Stay away!!!!

Reviewed by Amy Anya today

Review: Manchester Pest Control

First class service at our office for the wasps nest in the gutter line

Reviewed by Kim Andrews on 02/05/2016

Review: Clubhouse Golf Direct

Ordered two Taylormade hybrids Monday delivered to NI Friday excellent service and delivery.

Reviewed by Norman Plunkett on 29/04/2016

Special Offer:   Spring saver deal - 20% Off!!

MLP are offering a massive 20% off all orders taken until the end of May 2016. This is not just for new customers but also applies to all existing MLP customers. Please get in touch for a quote today.

Added by Mlp Design Ltd on 27/04/2016

Special Offer:   Domestic Cleaning Manchester

Our company is reliable and efficient cleaning services provider in Manchester and the surrounding area. Our team members are fully trained, certified, and we always strive to deliver the most quality services possible.

Added by Cleaning Please on 27/04/2016

Review: Speech Therapy & Voice Coaching (Private)

After attending 10 weeks of NHS speech therapy my 3 and a half year old daughter had not made much progress and didn't really want to go anymore. She struggled with a lot of letters and everything started with a "D" which made her hard to understand. I googled local speech therapists and found Sue. I can only say I wish I had gone to Sue from the start. I read some of the testimonials and thought that she sounded too good to be true , however after one session my little girl wanted to go back again the next day ! ...and now after only 4 sessions with Sue, my daughter is now at the correct stage for her age, and also saying some letters and blends that are past her age. On our last session Sue said that we didnt really need to come again and only charged me for half the session. I cannot recommend Sue enough. She has a natual rapport with children who just seem to take to her immediately. She is kind, warm, patient and gentle and has a really lovely attitude towards helping people learn. Every session was lively and interactive, not sat at a table looking at flashcards like the previous place we had been. At the end of every sessions, Sue allowed my daughter to choose a present from the selection, and the sessions were made up of fast paced games and so my little girl didnt realise it was a "lesson" and managed to concentrate for up to 45 minutes sat at a table with Sue. If you have concerns about your childs speech I would advise you to contact Sue and go and see her for a few sessions. Whilst I paid privately, the cost was very reasonable and it has paid dividends in helping my daughter to speak properly so that she can be understood by others, rather than just me. She will now be ready to go into reception and can be a confident and happy child ready to learn and ask questions and talk to her friends properly. We are not all the way there yet but I will continue with the homework that Sue gave me for a while and unfortunately it looks like we wont be needing to go back to see Sue again. She is a lovely lady and I am so glad that I went to see her. You can't put a price on being able to talk properly, and having the best start at school possible. I'm so pleased. I wouldnt hesistate in contacting Sue again if I though that we needed some more help in the future. I wish her all the best and will be singing her praises everywhere I go !

Reviewed by Suzanne Askham on 26/04/2016

Special Offer:   bank holiday

all castle free from delivery charge

Added by Best Castle in town on 26/04/2016