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Anytime Locksmiths

Special Offer

Valid until: 28/02/2015

2 Days Ago

Philip John Freelance Hair Designer & Colour Technican

I recently on the 17/09/14 got an eyebrow tint done by a beautician. However, the beautician never asked me to complete a patch test or sign a contract. Thus, i did the tint despite making them aware that I have sensitive skin on the phone call. On wednesday I could feel my eyebrows burn and they started to go red. On thursday when I woke up my skin was bruised,itchy, swallon and severely puffy. I tried to place eye packs as it was burning my skin. Then on FRiday it got worse i could only see partially through my right eye. When The owner rang me she verbally abused my mother and called my mum a liar. And even stated that she would come to my house but then stated i should come to her. Which meant i had to remove my medication that the doctor had given me in emergancy just to go and visit her. The owner when I arrived began verbally accussing me and although accepted liability for her unprofessional staff. Wasn't helping me. Masooma Saleem was rude, threatening me that I was at wrong. When in fact her unprofessional tone of manner left me emotionally and mentally stressed and distraught. To calm the atmosphere she called her husband Saleem Hameed who listened to me but stated he needs to speak to his lawyers and will call me back within 24hrs. Come saturday I am writing this review as he hasn't rang. I am going to the hospital due to negligence on their side as I am emotionally, physically, mentally and financially affected by their non professional service. My parents are distruaght the salon have ruined my face and are the most rudest, incompetent and unprofessional service I have ever witnessed. I am so sad that I had to go my own way to visit her then be verbally shouted at and then come home emotionally terrified by what they,ve done to my face and her tone of manner.

Review Score: 1 Star Rating

3 Days Ago

Degree 53

Special Offer

Valid until: 18/07/2018

4 Days Ago

Anytime Locksmiths

Called Anytime Locksmith at 7am when I realized I couldn't lock my door and had to go to work. They sent someone out in half an hour to fix it! Very impressed.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

6 Days Ago

Manchester Planners

Special Offer

Valid until: 14/05/2015

10 Days Ago

The Psychic Shopping Channel & SLW Stores LTD

Special Offer

Valid until: 30/09/2014

14 Days Ago


Really love love love my new straight teeth and the treatment only took 10 months.Helpful and friendly staff and great location in the city.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

14 Days Ago

Pixel Kicks

Special Offer

Valid until: 24/12/2014

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